Display Cases (12) w/Mirror 1/64 Scale Semi Trucks Trains MADE IN U.S.A 633CD 12

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Acrylic crystal clear display cases, (12) with mirrored floor and background cutouts for 1/64 scale trucks, cars, semis, doubles, trains, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, small Dragsters, acrylic plastic, 12 display cases, MADE in the U.S.A., with optional mirrored floor, box features 3 cut out images of garage theme backgrounds to create a diorama, holds many collectibles, or any other mementos, this crystal clear acrylic plastic case dimension with a clear base/floor is 15-5/8″ L x 3-5/8″ W x 3-1/8″ H (I.D) case features nicely seamless beveled edges & stackable design, FREE SHIPPING, quality crystal clear product, see complete details below.

Ideal buy for flea market vendors, car clubs or large collections needing protection.

You can also sit this display case upright and it’s a great for Bobblehead dolls, Beanie Babies, Barbies, dolls or any collectible you want to protect from dust and odors.

Preserve your most valuable semi trucks, doubles, trains, smaller cars and dragsters, collectibles, mementos and others in these deluxe display

* Truck not include.

Complete Details:

 MADE in the U.S.A.
 Quantity: 12 mirrored base or background display cases
 Scale: 1/64, Size: 15-5/8″ L x 3-5/8″ W x 3-1/8″ H (I.D)
 Box includes 3 cut out “garage theme” backgrounds to create a diorama
 Protect you collectible from smoke dust & other pollutions, NO MORE DUSTING!
 Helps protect rare trucks and collectibles from improper & constant handling
 Stackable to help store, organize & display

Please Note:

Most of the models and accessories we sell are not for children to use as toys, they are highly detailed collectibles with small parts that may be fragile.

Display Cases (12) w/Mirror 1/64 Scale Semi Trucks Trains MADE IN U.S.A 633CD 12

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