International 7600 3 Axle Orange Flatbed Truck HO 1/87 Scale Walthers 949-11651


International 7600 3 axle flatbed truck, Walthers SceneMaster #933-11651, 1/87 HO, fully assembled and painted White, typical of today’s heavy trucks operated by railroads, gas, water and power utilities, as well as city, county and state highway departments, see complete details below.

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Complete Details:

 NEW unopened in a clear blister pack
 International 7600 3 axle flatbed truck
 SceneMaster/Walthers: Model #949-11651
 Scale/Gauge: 1/87 HO
 Color: Orange
 Logo: None, create your own, or display without
 Chrome bumper, grille and wheels
 Includes mirrors
 Detailed chassis and undercarriage
 Clear plastic windshield and windows
 Die-cast metal and plastic parts
 Nicely detailed, premium paint and materials

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Most of the models and accessories we sell are not for children to use as toys, they are highly detailed collectibles with small parts that may be fragile.

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