MotoTote Motorcycle Carrier MotoTote MTX m3 Bike Hauler Hitch Mounted w/Ramp


MotoTote Motorcycle Carrier, MTX m3 motorcycle dirt bike or scooter carrier hitch hauler rack hitch with ramp (top of the line bike carrier) ideal for trucks, vans, SUV’s, RV’s, Moto Tote motorcycle carriers are top of the line premier bike haulers, MotoTote – Built to Last!

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LED Light Kit Available:
Standard Light Kit Available:

I only sell MotoTote motorcycle carriers and accessories because according to surveys and customer feedback, Moto Tote is a top of the line premier superior product.

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Read the specs below to see what makes MotoTote the premier carrier and why you can trust your bike on a Moto Tote carrier, ideal for your truck, van, SUV or RV.

The Moto Tote m3 is the latest generation of their best selling motorcycle carrier for dirt bikes and scooters. Can also be used for light street bikes with rear tire width of 6 inches or less.

For sport bikes of up to 500 lbs. with rear tire widths of up to 6 inches. (See our other listing for the 550 lb model) Easy one-time assembly with minimal tools. Reverse (left or right) assembly. Zero-Wobble™ attachment to hitch

The MTX m3 comes with these new features:

 Loading ramp is included – Advanced formed tube and wire construction makes it light but extremely strong.
 Modular design and assembly.
 Premium grade hardware – Bolts are grade 8 cap screws (expensive) with nyloc nuts.
 Aircraft inspired beam structure.
 The MotoTote MTX carriers are built on the MTX Platform which is a large diameter tube beam that
   provides structural support for all critical components of the
   motorcycle carrier. Everything is bolted to this platform.
 Tie-down arms, tire track, wheel chock assembly, etc. This construction provides superior strength and structural integrity.
 Adjustable for wheelbases of 48 to 65 inches. During assembly, the wheel chock can be positioned forward or rearward to perfectly accommodate the size of your bike.
 Adjustable for a wide range of tire sizes – From small scooter to large dirt bike. In addition to the forward/rearward positioning of the wheel chock, it can also be
   adjusted for front tire diameter.
 Adjustable for distance from bumper – Put it as close to the bumper as you need to. Got a spare tire on the rear
  of your SUV? No Problem!
 Your bike stays upright during loading until tie-downs can be attached. This saves you from trying to 
   hold the bike up while fumbling with tie-downs.
 Premium grade black polyester powder-coat finish.
 Superior design makes it stronger but lighter.
 Versatility – The MTX m3 is built on the exclusive MTX Platform which is designed to accommodate
   interchangeable attachments.
 Shipping size and weight: 62 lbs. 60 X 12 X 9 inches
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Please Note:

Most of the models and accessories we sell are not for children to use as toys, they are highly detailed collectibles with small parts that may be fragile.

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